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Hoggin' questions

To start this off, I'm from Texas, and as everyone presumably knows, we have quite an issue with them. I have an SKS which has performed admirably against hogs. I have it rigged up fairly basic, but modernized seeing as the wood furniture splintered on me. Tapco intrafuse with the 20 round mag that me and my buddies have had some serious fun with(being teenagers we get a grand kick out of it). Recently though I've gained more interest in learning and trying to get some long range shots/kills on hogs, which if you have ever owned an Sks know that the iron sights don't lend themselves to much accuracy out past 150 yards even with my young eyes. I'm considering getting a new system, preferably bolt action, that can reach out to a top of 300 yds with still enough knockdown to drop a hog immediately, yet be a deer rifle that wont destroy my precious meat. Any suggestions? Thanks a ton.
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