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I've seen and handled this ruger model and wanted one pretty bad........

but no left hand bolts........However, Savage has this model (11 trophy hunter xp) in a number of calibers in left hand bolts..........

I've had it just a few days. Before this, I had another savage (same model, a copy) with an ejection problem. I then swaped it for another copy from gallery of guns..........this one works better but still drops a spent case on rare occasion in the receiver which then jams things up unless I turn the rifle over to dump the spent case.........

other than that, it's a great piece.....but if I could, I would swap it for a ruger since this ejector thing bothers me..........rifles out of the box just ain't what they used to be and one sometimes gets a spud that needs work.

I don't know if this ejector is an issue common to this new model or what......but I got a new ejector assembly from midway and installed's now working great but we'll see again after a few rounds on the range........
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