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It cycles slowly and cannot be shot very quickly.
This is an interesting claim--one I've heard before about various pistols. In this case, there's a select-fire version of the 92FS, the 93R. Since cyclic rate is a quoted spec on select-fire weapons we can get some actual data on the inherent cyclic rate of the 92FS system.

The cyclic rate is somewhere around 1100rpm--ignoring the fact that the 93R is modified slightly from the 92FS in order to slow the cyclic rate. That amounts to the gun being capable of splits of about 0.055 seconds--18 shots a second. I am not aware of any shooters who are capable of manipulating the trigger of a pistol fast enough to achieve 18 shots a second.
There are much better more accurate pistols out there for the money.
In my experience, the 92 pistols are actually quite accurate once you get the trigger mastered. Some of the best groups I've ever shot with a service-style autopistol were from a 92 back when I was shooting them almost exclusively.

There are more accurate autopistols out there, but not there aren't many at all, in my experience, avaiable at prices significantly lower than what you'll pay for a 92.
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