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I do not know how the SP2022 is in .40, but in 9mm its terrific.

I have had it side by side with an HK P30, and frankly its a tossup as to which is best. Some things about the HK are a bit better (grip) but all features are good to very good and the Sigs grip is good, HK is very good.

Sig does come with the small and medium grip and I have a similar hand and the medium works well (may try a large sometime, doesn't cost much)

I played with it a lot and decided the Sig I needed to choke up on the grip. Latter on reading M Abood I found that was right. I am more used to th 1911 grip so its a bit different but easy to shift.

On the other hand the DA trigger on the Sig is better as is the de-cock.

HK trigger is a tad crisper, but has more reset (there is an after market trigger for the Sig that suits some fingers better)

So, the Sig double stacks up against a much higher priced gun (and a fine one at that, I do like the P30).

FN, just seemed to light, but again there is a feel preference factor.

On the other hand I have trialed the MPs, ungh. Only good thing is the sight. Some people really like them which puzzles me, I can only accept it suits them.
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