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New Miha mold

MP-432-640 is a RNFP,(Round Nose Flat Point). 271 grains solid, 249 HP. Now, it has 3 pin designs available, PENTA, SMALL ROUND HP, AND LARGE ROUND HP. I got all three. Then you simply turn the pins around to cast a solid.

There simply is nothing else like casting with one of these brass molds. These cramer style HP molds need to be run real hot. I pre-heated the mold (after washing the preservative grease off), on high on top of my hotplate. Even then I had poor fill-out. I had to bump up the alloy temp to further heat the mold, and cast as fast as I could to get decent fillout. Next time, I'll increase the temp, I was casting at 750, might have to bump that up to 775 and maybe add a bit of tin.

That alloy is range lead from an indoor range I cleaned out 3 summers ago.
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