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I usually use my vest at the range until I feel comfortable with the members. At a public range, every time. You never know. I love my vest. Point Blank Vision Level IIIA. Also very thin and I wear it under clothing, no problem. Its supposed to be rated against .357 sig and .44 Magnum. I am not gonna try it though. I would recommend this vest as it seems exactly what your looking for. Another perk is the Thor Shield lining, stops tasers supposedly. Over rated in my oppinion but it comes with it.

They are pricey, but to be honest I didnt even look at other vests. I called my local police outfitting store, said I was looking for a vest as I had a couple handguns "brandished" to me. He said he had one they ordered for someone else by accident in the wrong size. He said the MSRP was around $1500, said he would sell it to me new for $800. I picked it up 20 min later after they received fax and conformation from my company office.

Im not sure how it is around you, but if you buy new from where I purchased, you could NOT be just a civillian. I dont know if that was just their policy though.

Lastly im no expert on Body Armor but i believe a .22 will pierce kevlar. I had heard that and was confirmed by one of my instructors who was ex swat as well as just about everything else who was shot in the back through his armor by a .22. I am unaware of the level of his armor though.

Good luck with the purchase, I recommend it. Ill try and post a picture under clothing but ive had troubles with files being too big before.
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