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I'm with Yankee Doodle...
I've never witnessed even one close call at either of the ranges we frequent.
Did see the aftermath of an M1A blow up- but that's an accident of a different nature.

Shot by an accidental discharge? Impossible unless safety regs aren't being followed- as in, muzzle downrange at all times.

I sometimes get frustrated by all the "calling out" by the RSO's at the line, but then I remind myself that there are some REAL idiots that show up there. Ironic, that I have a concealed weapon permit, but- of all places- can't carry my gun, at the gun range...

But, it's because of the "idiots" that a properly staffed range will have an adequate number of RSO's so that everyone can be watched. Not unusual to see seven of them, on a fifty- position (all pistol and rifle) range. Once they know you, they get a comfort level and feel OK backing off. But if they don't- they'll stick to them like glue- as they should- until they know the shooters understand the rules.

Much of the time, despite the range rules being posted, a lot of new shooters don't read, or understand them. If they're new- and we all were, once- stop and ask the RSO to explain them to you. They'd obviously rather spend five or ten minutes explaining them to a new shooter, than yelling at you or putting you or someone else in a dangerous situation.

Then, some just don't listen. "Cease Fire" means just that...
"Stay behind the red line" on a cold line means just that, yet someone always feels the need to go to the bench to try to tinker with something.

I actually got a bit frustrated with the RSO at the range yesterday. When I checked in at the office, I asked about using a Chrono- and cleared the fact that I would obviously need to have someone handle the rifle on a cold line to get the chrono set in the right place and at the right elevation. "No problem", I was told.

So, there I am with the tripod and chrono on a cold line, one of my sons with the rifle- bolt open and yellow chamber flag in place- with the rifle in the rest instructing me where to move the chrono to line it up with his line of sight and the target beyond. The RSO STILL came up to me and told me we couldn't handle the firearm! So, as politely as I could, I told the range Nazi that he could plainly see the bolt was open, and the chamber flag was in place. How else did he expect me to get things set up? I told my son to gingerly handle the gun by the buttstock only...jeez...

Your examples are due to safety regs not being followed. No way to get injured by bullet frags off steel, unless you're shooting too close, or the wrong types/calibers of bullets for that range. Obviously, that "Dad" hasn't done a good job of instilling the fear of God in his son regarding firearms. Mine were taught the first time they handled one, that every gun is loaded, ready to fire, ALL the time.

If I felt I had to wear a bullet-proof vest for safety at the gun range, I'd go to another range...JMO...

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