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Native Rocky Mountain wolf is now extinct at the hands of the Feds wolf "reintroduction" program. Several of my friends, one a rancher born, and raised here in northern Idaho used to see this wolf very frequently on his property. That is until the Feds "reintroduced" the Mackenzie Valley wolf which has brought this subspecies native wolf into extinction.

Canis lupus crassodon (Vancouver Island Wolf-ENDANGERED)
Canis lupus fuscus (Cascade Mountains Wolf-EXTINCT)
Canis lupus hudsonicus (Hudson Bay Wolf-ENDANGERED)
Canis lupus irremotus (Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf-EXTINCT)
Canis lupus labradorius (Labrador Wolf-ENDANGERED)

Here is an excellent commentary and summary of these two subspecies and the impact on the people that now live with this experiment gone wrong.
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