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Jeff Cooper's advice on training to maintain what was learned at Gunsite is contained in the book "The Modern Technique of the Pistol" beginning on page 141. Even though the book was written by Gregory Boyce Morrison, Jeff Cooper was the Editorial Adviser and the substance of the book is based upon Cooper's teachings.

It is emphasized "every firing stroke must be analyzed and appropriate adjustments made. Exhaustive repetition of error does not add up to progress."

It is suggested that non-shooting warmups and dry fire practice go a long way in maintaining skills. In the book it is suggested that less than 100 rounds is sufficient to practice seven drills which make up the Skill Maintenance Exercises.
It is not stated how often one should shoot to maintain skills, the phrase "a steady program of home and range practice" is used.
Does that mean every day, every week, every month or only every year?

I think 500 rounds is excessive for me. At Gunsite I rarely shot more than 200 rounds in one day.
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