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I have to disagree.
You can disagree all you want, but I've been following accounts of locking blocks breaking since 1989. The "fix" when the slide can't be moved is to cut the barrel, especially when both ears break. The more you manipulate the barrel, the more you will gouge up the soft aluminum frame. That's what happened to my PT-99, frame rails were pretty marred up from trying to get it apart. Of course, back then there was no internet to spread the word on how to fix these, so me...and my gun smith didn't know that the barrel should be cut.

Oh, and my locking block had less than 500 rounds on it when it broke. Ammo was standard Fiocchi 9mm.

The fact that a part breaks on a gun really doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the overall design. It's really the damage that was done to the aluminum frame that bothered me. That, and the "fix" requiring that (in many cases) the barrel must be cut to get the gun apart.

Let's not forget that the 92 is a big bulky gun designed to fire 9mm. If it fired 10mm, or 440 Corbon, maybe I could just say "stuff happens", but come on! I have more rounds through my Ruger LC9 that is 1/3 the size and weight than the PT-99 when it broke.

They look cool (when new) and shoot straight - that's about the best thing I can say for these guns.
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