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Dear Buck,

Sorry you are taking an emotional view of this thread. Simple question, should WA state control the growing wolf population. Looks like the majority of folks answer in the affirmative. Shouldn't be a surprise that the Feds no longer consider the native Rocky Mountain wolf endangered any longer (canus lupus irremotus) when in reality the Mackenzie Valley wolf (canus lupus occidentalis) that they implanted here has put it into extinction. I guess if you are extinct, you are no longer endangered.

I guess that means we will simply agree to disagree. By the way, do you live in any of the infected areas? For me, this is not theoretical or emotional but the cold hard facts that wolves in large numbers are now the reality of the places I go such as the Bull River in MT, the St. Joe in Idaho and all the places in the northern Idaho panhandle.

Here, you need to understand the risk of hydatid disease and take precautions. In addition, several dogs have been killed in the last couple of years. Yeah, yeah, yeah, emotional response all right my friend. Glad I live in a state that recognizes the dangers of this invasive subspecies and is doing something to counteract the out of control Feds. If you don't have any of these beasts in your backyard yet, maybe you can ask Uncle Sam to send you some.

Have a nice day and just agree to disagree.
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