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they are reeking an ecological disaster across the northern Rocky Mountains. Not even the 9th circuit court or Obama could stay in that propaganda driven denial any longer.

The public health consequences of placing wolves here where they don't belong as an invasive subspecies designed to run down ill caribou instead of slower deer and elk is ending in the decimation of elk and deer in these infected areas. In addition, all of the wild game in these areas are now becoming infected with hydatid cysts which also infect people.

The mindset that man is the invading species is a bunch of baloney to say it mildly. We have the responsibility to keep in check this terrible experiment with this large, aggressive and dangerous beast that has gone terribly wrong from the beginning.
.....all I can say is wow. No emotion affecting judgement there. Sounds more like a sci-fi horror film than a discussion about wolves.

I have read and reserached all of the links you have posted in this thread. They are the same ones you post everytime you get into your rant about wolves and the risk they impose on little girls in red jackets. You ask us to get real, while you yourself preach fire and brimestone about how we are all gonna die from the mere presence of the big bad wolf. I doubt if any knowledgeable person that posts in a hunting forum will want wolf populations to go unchecked. Read my post, I have no problem with a legitimate hunting season on them. But I also believe there is a legitimate reason to have them in our ecosystem. Guess you musta missed that.
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