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Yep, what BigJMN said. I shoot magnums and I carry magnum loads outside the house but my bedside gun is 38spcl LSWC 158 gr. from my bed to the door boogerman is in trouble. Outside plinking or shooting small game with a centerfire the 38 spcl beats the heck out of the cost of the magnums and the 44 spcl. What can it do, it can hit a 5 gallon bucket at 200 yards and it can bust up a 2 liter bottle of water at 25 yards and a friend of mine has killed every pig but one with a 38 spcl.

So who cares about the Glock it wasn't part of the question, who cares about the 44 magnum, or the 44 spcl or the 45 colt or the 40 cal or the 10 MM, or the 9 MM, they weren't part of the question.
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