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I have acquired a model 60 and wanted to know when it was made and anything about it. It's serial is R261xxx. It also has 88536 stamped on it.
Your Model 60 was produced in 1979-1980; the serial number range for those years was R220001 to R280000. The "88536" is what's known as an "assembly number," used in the factory to keep track of fitted parts during the manufacturing process - it has no other significance.

As you probably know, the Model 60 is the stainless version of the Model 36 Chiefs Special, and it was S&W's first stainless revolver. The "R" serial number prefix is a little unusual in that it was used only for the Model 60 and for early production runs of the somewhat obscure Model 651 .22 magnum rimfire kit gun.

The Model 60 was introduced in 1965 and remains part of S&W's current product line, available both in .357 and in .38 Special +p only, and can also be had with adjustable sights and a longer barrel.
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