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Originally Posted by Buzzcook
Frank: there is also Intentional, premeditated and without malice. Probably not a legal distinction, but Kevorkian and abuse excuses would fit that description....
Yes, that is not a legal distinction. These are not separate types of homicides. See my definitions in post 18 again:
Originally Posted by Frank Ettin

... A homicide can be --
  1. Accidental;
  2. Negligent;
  3. The result of reckless (or willful, wanton and reckless) conduct;
  4. Intentional without malice (evil intent);
  5. Intentional with malice; and
  6. Intentional, premeditated and with malice.

Homicides [3] - [6] are crimes: involuntary manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter, murder, and first degree murder, respectively....
"Intentional", "premeditated", and/or "malice" are elements of the definitions of various criminal homicides.
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