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The facts are....wolves are here to stay. All those "Little Red Riding Hoods" need to get over it. While I feel wolves have a place in our ecosystem, I also believe they need to be controlled to within practical numbers and need to be hunted enough to regain their fear of man. There can be a balance, even tho we humans have put it askew. Those wanting to kill them all are just selfish and greedy. Statements such as "they're killing all of OUR elk!", is a prime example. As for the bible telling us to rule over all the animals of the earth, one needs to remember, God didn't write the bible, man did.....and greedy men edited it's text. There are many other things the bible tells us, that now, as modern educated men, we know are not to be taken literally. Besides, the last definition I saw of ruling said nuttin' at all about killin'. If you really believe in God and the bible, you should realize that God created wolves for a purpose and when they kill wild game or even domestic livestock, they are only doing what evolution and the good Lord intended for them to do. Man is not God, nor is he nature..........nor does nature need to take a backseat to man. Without nature there will be no man.
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