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Art, the two subspecies are quite different. The Mackenzie Valley wolf is the largest wolf subspecies and the native Idaho wolf was much smaller, more solitary and much less aggressive. Not understanding that there are significant differences in the wolf subspecies is tantamount to ignoring the differences in the dog subspecies.

If folks think an Irish wolf hound is the same as a chiwawa, then I have a swamp to sell them in Arizona. Here is an excellent comparison of the two subspecies. The Feds gave us the Great Dane of wolves to replace what had been here. We have been duped. That makes the Federally implanted "reintroduced" wolf an invasive subspecies. It just doesn't belong in this ecosystem. Folks that claim to be so understanding of ecology show themselves ignorant of this detail. That is the entire debate. The Mackenzie Valley wolf belongs in the Mackenzie Valley, not the Rocky Mountains.
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