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Re Mete, I am Swedish I think he said that those wolves weren't dangerous, they where as semi domesticated as wolves can get, a friend of the family has been in with the same pack and given them massages (she is a human and horse/dog massuese). i think it is wrong to judge the fate of wolves based on the behaviour of captured animals, I mean there are thousands of predators in private captivity in the Us with several incidents we don't kill tigers, lions and chimps because of that.

After the initial reports which just stated the basics it has come forth that there was a recent incident a short while back where a teenager in a group got jumped but the zookeepers warded the wolves of so I dunno, one escaped a couple of years ago and when they found it an old lady was sitting on a parkbench feeding it cookies

the last person before that zookeeper that was killed was killed over a 100 years ago by a pet wolf. Bears have killed several people and maimed others regularly but bears aren't hated nor loved, wolfes get more love and hate for some reason

Wolves are a very hot topic in Sweden right now, the population started to grow recently after being on the brink of destruction, there are loads of conspiracy theories that animal rights activists planted wolfs to give them a boom, we get the occasional russian wanderer but Sweden is practically landlocked so that can't be the whole truth. in recent months 3 ranges close to me has been vandalized/burned down by those frekkin lunatics and i am not a wolf hater, i accept them growing in numbers but over the whole of Sweden, I live in one of the two states that has got several packs. i got to see a small pack a few years ago and it was majestic. my brother in law sprinted like Ussain Bolt to get his dog that was running towards them

we got to hunt them a couple of years ago but it was stopped again, we now have a couple of hundred but only on a small part of the country, that is the main problem, the saami people (our "natives) have special rules and wolves near them and their reindeerherding business ( which is also heavily reliant on gov subs) are killed or moved)

the few we got has started to become a nuisance, plenty of hunting dogs and sheep killed, a friend who has got cows, sheep and goats now have a lama and a donkey for protection.

hunting has gone down somewhat, people are afraid to let their dogs go and the moose population has had a dip
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