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Human hunters are right in the thick of the ecological battle and have been for a couple of million years. Human farmers have been in the ecological battle for the last few thousand years. I have a degree in biology and am aware of enviornmentalist's feelings about these issues and can't say that I disagree with some of them. But, you are not going to change the human equation so I don't know that there is much point in dreaming about it.

If the elk/deer were overpopulated in an area causing disease and starvation then reintroduction of wolves would make sense.

But, I have not read nor have I witnessed in the areas that I hunt any evidence of overpopulation with the elk being quite fat and healthy.

So were the wolves reintroduced for some purpose or just romantic nostalgia for the way some enviornmentalists think things ought to be.

Bottom line, I am an elk hunter. The wolves are in competition with me hunting a herd that is declining because of the wolves according to anybody who is in the business of hunting them.

Does that effect my judgement on the issue ? Sure.
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