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Anybody got any Savage Arms information re axis vs m10

Anybody got any Savage Arms information re axis vs m10?

So I had narrowed my search down for a left handed bolt gun on a budget, the axis fit all my criterias bar iron sights (but I was gonna stick a red dot on it anyway.

Axis are sold over here, I've read and watched good reviews both US and domestic(swedish)

Then I stumble on a good package deal for a model 10, which seems to be just sold internationally?

edit scratch that, there is a US version but a different scope for some reason???

So what is the difference in m10 vs axis apart from the wood vs synthetic stock? Long or short action?, because all the replacement stocks on swedish midway say long action. the .308 doesn't require a long action does it?

the axis action has been described as somewhat crude during the first couple of hundred repeats, the same for m10?

M10 also promises sub moa out of the box

and what does sku mean when checking savage arms webpage?

and does 4 rounds mean 3 in the mag and one in the chamber?

plastic or metal mag?, can you top it of?

the synthetic axis is a couple of inches longer with the same length barrel, any reason for that?

Does savage have a good supply of aftermarket parts?

And for the life of me I can't understand what satin means in terms of finish, isn't satin a fabric? it is not laminated is it? I've heard that laminated are easily scratched and so on

the MSRP for the m10 is twice that of the axis (but I assume that is due to the package deal with a fitted scope? is a Weaver 3-9x40 Scope a 400 dollar scope?


Just in general american guns are not viewed so favourable by the old guard over here (but the new guard all seem to have rem700 and mossbergs and etc) the old farts use their old husqvarna or go for fancy euro stuff. the same old guard love your cars thou
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