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FNP-40 is what the Sig 250 SHOULD have been. You can probably find one for 400-450.
I bought mine this past winter for $415 with a case, 2hi cap mags, and 3 10rounders.
Since then i've added tritium sights and bought 2more hi cap mags.a grand total of $100 (including smithing fees for the sights).

Point of tbe story: 1. It is a fantastic pistol. it feels solid, feels great in my hand, the cobtrolls are easy. It is quite accurate out of the box, andhas the requisite backstraps. Also, there isnt much different between ot and the FNX (fnx being the reason the FNP's are so cheap). It being less popular, you aren't going to find too many accessories for it, but if you look, they're cheap! My Trijicon tritium sights were 46bucks online. if you're looking for all the barbie doodads, get a glock. If you want a serious utility pistol for not much money, get the fnp.

Or the m&p. Also a great gun. Was my runner up. Price won at the end of the day though. I love that pistol. Real nice groups, very comfortable in the hand. Didn't care too much for the trigger, but if I were to buy another pistol, i'd choose an m&p in a second.

XD is nice, but it really doesnt do anything the FN or S&W don't. Also, I have a bone to pick with Springfield Armory, and how they're constantly reminding you that they're the oldest manufacturer in the US, but they make the XD in Croatia. Glock and Sig are both foreign, but they're straight foreward with where their guns are made, Sig even has a plant in New Hamshire, S&W makes theirs in Massachusetts, even FN brought jobs to the US from Belgium and makes the FNP line in South Carolina. Oh, but Springfield Armory is the oldest gunmaker in America....
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