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Your grips look longer than my grips. Optical illusion?
You don't have the same type of grips. You have standard I frame service grips, he has I frame target extensions. They actually have two screws in them, one in the center and one below the butt. They are somewhat sought after and also fit the the old 38 DA guns, and the 1st 2nd model single shots.

I think it is a police model the # I found when I took off plastic grips is 516_ _ .
Check if there is a "step" in the backstrap under the grip. If so, the gun is a Regulation Police and would bring a few dollars more.
Is this number on the bottom of the butt, or on the frontstrap below the trigger guard?
Well since he took off the grips to see the SN, its a safe bet that a)the gun is not a regulation police(SN is on front strap) and b) that the SN is on the butt, meaning carguychris's ID theory is correct. There is no need to remove these target extension stocks to see the SN because extension grips do not cover the front strap, only the back strap and butt. Many guns that came from the factory with target extension grips had the SN on the front strap, but never say never with S&W.

although the target grips do add some to the value
Looking at the photo, on the bottom right of the grip, it appears to be chipped. If that's the case, their value is nil.
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