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Apparently it's just you and me slugo. I use my 12ga BPS for home defense too. Short smooth throw on the action and something about the geometry of the gun directs the recoil to your shoulder rather than causing muzzle rise, the bead stays on the target! Bruised the crap out of my shoulder the first time I used it on stationary targets because repeat shots were so much fun Three ACCURATE shots downrange in about two seconds was normal, four boxes of ammo later...My gun does have the 3 shot plug in I've been told they are a PIA to put back in once removed. I've never had a gun that inspired this much confidence or was this much fun! Used other pumps, no comparison. Funny thing is I fell into mine the same way, incredible deal I ran across first, my buddy the Waterfowler went nuts when he found out what I paid!
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