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Slugo, FIRST, from Browning on the Micro:

Magazine Capacity
2 3/4": Four in magazine, one in chamber. 3": Three in magazine, one in chamber. 3 1/2": Three in magazine, one in chamber. A three-shot magazine adapter plug is included.

Slugo, are you a woman?
I think the 20 gauge is fine for HD in many and most circumstances frankly. In your case the ammo is fine for in and around the home. I recommend just such 20 gauges to women all the time due to the overall size favorability. The stock is a little small for the above-average size man but alota guys like short stocks for defense and that 20 gauge is one handy-handling gun. The 22" barrel makes it OK inside and useful for sport shooting, especially for gals, of all sorts.

Like new for $300? It's be in my home too. 20 ga. 2-3/4" #3 buckshot is probably the most prevelant. Can be had relatively cheap often (mine? $0.80/rnd.).

Wanna push it to basic 12 ga. levels? First, remove the 3-shot block. Then...

Federal Premium Power Shok F2072B, 20 Gauge, 3", 18 Pellets, 1200 fps, #2 Lead Buckshot, 5 Rd/bx
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