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Defense to me....means a Wilson Combat CQB, 5" 1911, chambered in .45acp ....and a lot of guys cringe when I tell them that a nice/and relatively expensive 1911 is my primary carry gun ...or home defense gun --- but then, why would anyone rely on defense - with a gun they didn't like or that they didn't shoot their best with?? and my Wilson CQB - is one of my 1911's that I definitely shoot the best with .../so its what I rely on !

( and besides it'll all be over in about 10 sec anyway ) ...or I'll just fight my way to my safe....( and I'll grab my Browning BPS Hunter model 12ga with a 28" barrel ...and probably my Benelli Super Sport 12ga with a 30" barrel .../ and when you drop the plugs out / I can put 1 or 2 more shells in there, if I need to) ....and some 00 buck that I've loaded up and keep in a box on top of my safe.) ....not that I don't have some other guns in there for defense...but nothing wrong with a good, reliable 12ga or 20g shotgun.

It's all good ....
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