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Talking about oblivious people ... The first day that I carried concealed, I went to visit some family and ended up taking a brother-in-law and a sister out to shoot on the "back 40" ... they were new to shooting so we took a CZ-82 and a Ruger MkII, IIRC. Anyway, they were shooting at a little dueling tree and after quite a while, I drew my full-sized 1911 and helped them move the disks on the tree back and forth. THEY DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE I was carrying after I emptied an 8 round mag in front of them ... Not a single comment about the 1911 appearing out of thin air or disappearing into the ether when I was done ... I was floored. I never did ask them if they noticed, but their behavior sure didn't match the curiosity that was there when they were observing the differences between the CZ and the Ruger.

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