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1903A4 restoration and range report

hello all, I decided since my problems with the A4 restoration has been addressed that I would just go ahead and start a new thread to address the final stages of the build. the stock is still on the way, it's coming from the netherlands so shipping is going to take a while. but today I took her to the range for the first time since I got optics mounted.

at first it seemed like a rocky start. I got to the range and let me start by saying that contrary to popular belief due to our proximity canada, Northern Idaho gets REALLY HOT, it was 105 by the time I got to the range with my little brother and the mirages played havoc with my eyes for a while. my very first shot at 100 yards was an inch right and 4 inches high, but the rest were fairly inline but ranged from 2-4 inches high, after looking at the head stamps I realized that I might have been better off grabbing my hunting ammo instead of my surplus because I realized the difference in height also correlated to the dates on the ammo, the 1942(DEN) ammo tended to hit much lower than the lake city 67 stuff. once I figured that out I decided to take a few pot shots at a set of oxygen tanks at 200 yards and was hitting them with boring precision.

THEN: I did something I never do, I decided to bypass my usual max range of 300 yards and decided to try my hand at the 500 meter gong my range has set up, it took a few shots to figure out the holdover(my scope choice just has standard crosshairs) but once I did....lets just say I was grinning every time I squeezed that trigger the little brother wasn't quite that good and had to limit himself to the 200 yard tanks and at the end of the day he made a point of making it perfectly clear that he still preferred his Long Branch Enfield to my springfield but it did little to dampen my spirits. I have now moved my maximum confirmed kill shot from 300 yards to 500 meters and that is more than enough accuracy for me.
PS, I'll post pics here when I get the C stock on her.
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