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I think wolves are great, they are beautiful, adapt very well and extremely efficient.
I also think that they should never have been reintroduced.
When I lived in Idaho I regularly saw wolves where there "were no wolves".
There was a lot of shoot, shovel, and shut up that happened, radio collars went on a truck at the local truck stop.
If the US Fish and Wildlife wants wolves back how about we release them in DC, thats where the majority of the people who make the decisions are, they wanted them...........

If Washington doesn't manage their wolves they are headed for a disaster just like Idaho.
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Dear cornbush, that is exactly the issue. The native Idaho wolf is now extinct. Not from human encroachment, man and wolf in Idaho do have a storied past, but when kept in check, the wolves hunted mainly small game and were not aggressive like the Mackenzie Valley wolf.

Since the Feds introduced this invasive subspecies, the native Idaho wolf is now completely extinct despite making a recovery prior to this as you note seeing them yourself. Many of my friends here in Idaho also saw the native wolf from time to time. Not any longer.
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