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I think wolves are great, they are beautiful, adapt very well and extremely efficient.
I also think that they should never have been reintroduced.
When I lived in Idaho I regularly saw wolves where there "were no wolves".
There was a lot of shoot, shovel, and shut up that happened, radio collars went on a truck at the local truck stop.
If the US Fish and Wildlife wants wolves back how about we release them in DC, thats where the majority of the people who make the decisions are, they wanted them...........

If Washington doesn't manage their wolves they are headed for a disaster just like Idaho.
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Wolves are incredible creatures, but they are also one of natures most efficient killing machines. The Discovery channel show promotes a very unrealistic view of them as simple cute little dogs and who doesn't like their dog.

However, in reality, they are some of the most aggressive killing machines known. Even grizzly bears at times fall victim to wolves which has been well documented.

The reality further is that the Feds didn't reintroduce the native wolf, they introduced and invasive, massive wolf that is the most aggressive of all the wolf subspecies. Caribou in larger numbers and more open terrain have a significant advantage over the slower moving elk in the Rockies.

The elk populations are dramatically dropping and yes, it is indeed an Idaho wolf disaster. Idaho, WY, MT all have the political and reality based policies that they must control this apex predator which also harbors and spreads deadly parasites that is a public health issue to people as well. When the wolf population in WA state becomes an issue, I have serious doubts that they will be able to muster the political will to control this creature.

In the future, we will hear of the Washington wolf disaster and they will do nothing to prevent it. Just my hunch but if shows like the one above are not met by the reality of the true story, WA state will be toast as far as all of the other game animals.
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