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I'm inexperienced compared to most of you, but I have opinions on the .38 Special. Here's my input to the OP's question:

The .38 Special can:

Be really fun to shoot
Be very accurate
Kill small game
Kill larger game (it's been done)
Kill rattlesnakes (I've done it several times)
Kill humans
Hurt like hell according to my co-worker who was shot with one
Make you feel more secure when it's in the nightstand

The 38 Special can't:

Cause as much damage as a .357 or .44 Magnum or bigger magnum calibers
Hurt your hand as much as a magnum load (unless you have severe physical limitations)
Guarantee safety against any and all species of angry, crazed animals that want to kill you

I don't know why the .38 gets disrespected. Seems like a fine cartridge to me. That being said, I also own a .357, a .45, a .270, a 12 ga., and a 7.62x54. Draw any conclusions you wish.
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