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Since you expressed a preference for DA/SA, I feel obligated to give my usual recommendation to look at a 3rd-gen S&W Traditional Double Action ("TDA") pistol.

The basic full-size .40S&W models were the Model 4006 (SS frame and slide; generally the most common), M4003 (SS slide, silver-colored alloy frame), and M4004 (matte bead blast blue slide, black alloy frame). The equivalent DAO models had 404x model numbers, the "x" indicating the same frame and slide finish as the pistol's DA/SA counterpart; S&W also produced pistols with a SIG-style frame decocker indicated by a 402x model number, but IIRC only the M4026 was actually built. The M411 and M410 were "Value Series" versions of the M4004 with less refined slide machining, no RH-side ambi decocker/safety, and plastic guide rods and sights.

These guns are very comparable to SIGs in quality and general configuration, but resale prices are much lower, and used LE surplus mags are available for a song; IIRC CDNN recently advertised them for only $10/ea! The common 400x-series pistols have a manual decocker/safety, but they also have a positive drop-safe trigger-actuated firing pin block, so many users- including this one- carry in DA/safety-off mode and use the safety lever solely as a decocker.

Downsides? They're discontinued, they're relatively big and heavy, and capacity of the .40S&W models is smaller than many newer competitors (11+1).

More thoughts here:
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