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Now move to the police departments who were using the .38 Special in ANY loading, since the military pretty much abandoned the caliber for most uses.
LOTS of complaints back then of it not doing it's job after multiple solid torso hits. The .357 Magnum was supposed to be the savior of the .38 Special, but the police trained on .38 Wadcutters and carried the .357 magnum loads. Bad idea. The difference in recoil and muzzle flash was so great that after the first shot the cop was pretty much blinded and useless. Plus the only really good performance was with the 125 grain bullet.
Not only are you way off the original question, you are so far out in left field it is scary. The 357 was designed to penetrate car doors and kill bad guys hiding in the cars made in the 1930's (Steel). The reputation of the 357 Magnum as a fight stopper was made way before 125 grain JHP's made the scene some 50 years later. Cops blinded and useless from firing magnums? Please.
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