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I have owned both the M&P and SP2022 and they are both great guns. I preferred the SP2022 mostly because I prefer SA/DA, but the M&P has the advantage when it comes to aftermarket parts and accessories. I have never owned a FNP so I can't say anything about the quality but I will say I dislike the current price. About a year ago I looked into buying an FNP40 and cheaper than dirt had them for just under $400. Now for some magical reason the guns are $550. I'm guessing its because that is around what the FNX goes for and people are jacking up the prices to basically rip people off by selling the old model at the new price. That said, I think FN is a great company and would love to have an FNX but I wouldn't buy an FNP unless I found a new one for $400 like they were previously priced.
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