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Originally Posted by KMAX View Post
Apparently the OP has never been to my town. We just recently got a flea market and the "Mall" is so rarely used I am surprised it is still open. You could carry a bazooka and probably nobody would even see you. Walmart is where everyone goes in this town. Sometimes its the only choice (so really no choice).

Yeah, it is the most commom place that most people can relate to.
When I posed my question, I was referring to my first state where I concealed, Florida. All of the stores are busy there.

Mall Walking can be anxiety provoking, without a gun, let alone a newbie CC citizen there are people all around, people walking or bumping into you, and you're carry side is exposed to someone spotting a bulge.

As for flea markets, they're definitely worse. People continuously bump into you and are frequently in bad breath range.

I've carried for a few years, now. It's just like any other item: the keys, wallet, cell phone, light and holster.
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