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FNP 40, M&P, SP2022 et al...

Hey guys, been a long time reader but finally got around to registering. Here's my situation.

I have a few sub-compacts for concealed carry. In about 4 weeks I plan to purchase a COMBAT pistol; by which I mean an ultra-reliable, 4" handgun that is accurate and .40 S&W. Light CC and Open Carry.

I am not interested in a manual safety, and while price isn't a huge concern, if a gun of same quality can be had for less money, that's a plus.

Currently looking at:
- FNP .40
- SigSauer SP2022 .40
- M&P .40

I do have medium sized hands. I'm familiar with all handgun platforms and slightly prefer DA/SA to striker.

OK guys, I'm open to suggestions.
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