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Should WA State Control Their New Wolf Population

I am sitting here watching a pro-wolf propaganda show following wolves in WA state Cascade mountains. They also have one of these eco folks going out on a wolf hunt in Idaho.

Nothing wrong with promoting the health and welfare of nature, but what irks me is that they are not telling the true story of the "wolf disaster" here in Idaho and why hunting has to be done to keep them from decimating the other large game animals. Oh well, you can't promote your version of events by telling the truth!!

I suspect WA state which is dominated politically by ultra liberal politicians will never take the steps to protect nature from this invasive species. Maybe we can send a few packs down to Sacramento so that they can enjoy these destructive critters as well.

The question will remain in the future whether this ultraliberal, environmental dominated state will control the wolf population as other states such as Idaho and Montana do through hunting?

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