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New Beretta SP I, stock maintenance question

I brought home a new Beretta Silver Pigeon Sporting with oil finished stock yesterday and I have some questions pertaining to stock maintenance. I have searched this forum and others and I have found a lot of good info, but I think I am a little bit confused at this point. This is my first gun with a wood stock and I want to preserve it the best way possible. My questions are as follows:

- I know that under the forearm and the ends of the stock are not finished, what should I use to finish these areas? This will be a spoting clays only gun, but I have been known to shoot the game in the light rain and snow. I would also like to finish these areas before shooting it to ensure whatever I apply, adheres properly.

- After shooting during a hot day, is there something that is recommended to wipe the gun down with before putting it in the case for the ride home. My concern is sweat on the stock and metal. I can't say I will do a thorough cleaning as soon as I get home, it may sit a day or two before I get to it.

- While doing a thorough cleaning, what should I use to preserve the finish of the wood? I like the fact that it is not a high gloss finish, but I don't mind adding some sheen to it if it means better preserving the wood.

Also, I am used to shooting and cleaning my Benelli M2, which is a very easy and quick task. This new gun is certainly a lot different. Any hints or secrets to keeping the action clean, and just overall over/under maintenance?

Any and all opinions would help me to make an educaated decision. Thanks in advance!
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