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New member introducing myself. My old CB handle is "HUNTER", but my name is Ralph, a 73 year old 2nd amendment patriotic, conservative/Christian, former Coast Guard, Air Force and Navy veteran.

Been a hunter/fisher/camper/canoeist/pilot/motorcycle owner-rider. Played drums in a dance band and a radio orchestra/play guitar, harmonica, piano to entertain myself.

Love guns and knives and have a very large collection of each. Nothing fancy or expensive, just what pleases me. Am a member of a local shooting range and a hunting & fishing Rotary International fellowship club member.

I have 2 grown daughters who I taught to shoot, and have 3 grand kids, 2 boys & a girl. I taught them to shoot, and took the oldest out on his first pig hunt when he became 16, and he shot the biggest pig of the weekend in a bunch of gown men hunting with us.

I got involved with this forum because I saw the anti-TGSCOM notices posted herein. I, too, have been taken advanatage of by that outfit. I paid for several items in March of 2012, that were never sent, and cannot contact them at all for a refund of my money. They have disappered and owe me the items I ordered and paid for, or at the least to refund my money they took from me.

If anyone out there knows how to contact them, please let me know. Their web site doesn't respond. Their phone numbers and fax numbers don't go through. Their snail-mail addressed letters get returned with no forwarding address. My experience with them is that they are not responsible business people, and have wronged me personally. This is not hear-say. I have been cheated by them.

Hope you all vote this November, and fight to preserve our 2nd amendment rights, and our country. God bless America.

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