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I started reloading with 9 mm. I use a Dillon XL 650 progressive press. I looked through the Lyman #49 manual, and read through the Lee manual. Also, I use loading data from this site:

However, I want to respectfully offer a different opinion than the other guys here about starting powder for 9 mm and particularly about metering. I started with Winchester 231, (same as Hodgdon HP-38). I read about different types of powder, and read lots of comments on forums about how various powders meter through the powder meters on the presses. As a new guy to reloading, you probably want the fewest possible glitches and fewest sources of variation and error. Every manual I looked at suggested power pistol, BUT that is not a ball powder and it may not meter as well as Winchester 231/Hodgdon HP-38, so why start with Power Pistol? Maybe you get to power pistol someday, maybe you wind up happy with other powders, but why start with something that may not meter as well as Win 231?

On Dillon XL650, I can visibly see into the cases as I place the bullet onto the brass to be seated. I also use a charge alarm, but I would not rely on it to pick up small variations in charges. It will pick up major under-charge or major over-charge, but it is just a back up safety feature since I can see into each case as it goes through the press cycle and the bullet is seated. Hopefully, your set up will allow a similar situation as you make rounds with your press.
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