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I have shot 3 woodchucks with 12ga deer slugs. Would you believe that every one of them escaped? It's hard for me to believe and I saw it with my own eyes. Trails of all manner of nastiness leading back to their holes but all 3 made it.
Last fall, before I had my .17HMR, folks came to deer hunt here on the farm.
All three were hunting with shotguns. They just arrived back at the farmhouse, when a racoon popped out of the barn and these three got to "steppin'-n-fetching" for shotguns and loads.

Well besides the misses...*snicker*...which did cause the racoon to scoot a bit faster, and do some jukin'-n-jivin"...

This coon took a hit with a buckshot load of some kind, and a hit with a slug, and kept going. One the boys took after him, and finally got close enough for a finishing shot with a 12 bore slug.

It was funny to watch.
I was probably not much help, when I informed them I arrived home to find 3 deer on the property. A buck, at corner of the yard where the main road meets driveway, and two nice doe, at the clothesline .

They hunted north of the farmhouse that day. I kept telling them if they wanted to walk the 90 acres is their business, still the deer are in the yard. *grin*

Two of these boys have been down since, and seen the results of the .17HMR, on various critters.

They are still scratching their heads as to how something "that small" can do what it does.
Including raccoons.
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