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First it has to be a rifle I built, not something some one else built and charged me 3K +.

Preferable on a Model 70 actions.

338s & 50 cals will do it, with cost. Plus you need a brake to be able to shoot them. No thanks I don't want the muzzle blast taking off my ear protections every time I touch off the round.

I use to really like my 300 WM (Model 70) for 1000 yards shooting in the Any Rifle/Any Sights & Any Rifle Iron sights) but in my old age even that is over kill. Even back when I was shooting for the guard my best 1000 yards scores were fired with my M1A.

I built a Model 70 Vietnam era sniper rifle in '06, still thats not needed. I was a range offer for the SH Challenge a couple weeks a go. Most of the top shooters were shooting a 260 Rem (the winner used a 6.5X7 I think).

The 6.5/264s seem to be the cat's meow. Easy to shoot, cheap, easier on the barrels then the 6mm/243s. And you can use them with light rifles if you have to pack the sucker very far.

With the 260 you can get factory shells if you don't reload.

I use to be in the "big is better" club.......not any more... those 6.5s prove you dont need "big".

I really like the 270 Win also. As more match bullets come on the scene you'll see more of them. Somebody (forgot who) is making some 165 & 175 .277 bullets with some super high BC, somewhere in the neighbor hood of .7-.8. Don't know what twist they are using but it warrents looking into.
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