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You wanna talk more about the .38 S&W Special or other cartridges?

Mind you, if we talk about the .38 special, we're talking about revolvers, usually. There have been some good .38 special target autos, though I don't think any are in production now. But that's something a .38 special is good for: target shooting. I realize target shooting isn't particularly exciting, which is why people go skateboarding, skydiving and driving. But it is a lot of fun, sort of relaxing if you aren't competing and somehow there seems to be a lot more to it than doing the same with a .22. A .22 is for plinking, you know, to keep yourself in good form for shooting .38s.

There are other things the .38 special is good at (or for). It is a handloader's delight. Of course, once you start reloading, it quickly becomes a case of shooting justify the reloading. The late Dean Grennell must have written more about the .38 special than any other cartridge but that's just a guess. There's more that you can do with a .38 special, I think, and still have fun with than just about any other cartridge, unless you are looking to invent a load that surpasses the .44 magnum but that's in a different class. But you might have a lot of fun fooling around with 200-grain bullets, if you can find a mold to make them with.

Another thing the .38 special still has a use for is in small frame revolvers. Oh, I know the .357 can be had in a J-frame but if you thought a Colt Officer's ACP was a handful in .45 ACP, what must a J-frame be like? Even a 4-inch barrel K-frame has more blast than I care to experience on a regular basis, although to be honest, the "kick" isn't bad. I also know that M&S stated that the .38 wasn't as effective when fired from a 2-inch barrel but I doubt anyone would expect it to be. But would you choose a .22 over a .38 in a pocket revolver? For some reason lots of people seem to have more faith in a .22 than anything else. With faith you can move mountains.

Speaking of cartridges, why do the major cartridge companies not produce loads like the famous Buffalo Bore company?
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