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light bullet 44 loads for deer

Despite my post above about 240 gr and up slugs for deer, I do not use them, but shoot lighter 180, and more recently 200 gr JHP's from my tube feed Ruger auto's.

The reason being that my two carbines will not group heavier slugs worth a hoot. I'm talking 6" plus groups at 100 yrds, just not acceptable to me. (from a carbine anyhow).

The slow 1-38" twist of the early Rugers is the likely culprit. With 180 and 200 grainers, the carbine shoot into about 3", and I can live with that. Other guys report better accuracy, but that is all my old Ruger autos will do.

There is a post running somewhere showing the velocity levels for Hornady XTP 44'. The 180 does not hold up well at carbine velocity. It is certainly a pistol SD slug or for varmints. The deer I'v shot with the 180 xtp were plenty dead, but I did not get exits and the slugs were frangible. I could not find a piece of a 180 XTP bigger than about a tic/tac on one meat buck shot broad side at close range. ( 15 yds) Others, shot further out (50?) were completely expanded, inside out and the core and jacket separate under the hide on the off side.

I still do not get exits with 200 gr XTP, but the slugs do not self destruct and the accuracy is still acceptable.

By comparison, the two deer I've shot with 240 were all pass thru's, as well as all I ever saw my Dad kill as well. I take a lot of grief over my .44 marble "marble shooters" as my shooting pal calls them, but they are handy and kill deer well for me at the ranges and locales I I hunt.
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