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Shotgun Shell Reloading Components Trade

More and more folks are into reloading in general, and shotguns shells also. Since Shotshell loading in more unforgiving to subsitutions in the recipes, actually verboten for safeties sake, I propose that we do some horse trading of wads and cards and so forth, so that we could try some new loads and experiment some with other recipes.

What do you think about this? Good idea? I'm not sure what I need, but I can list what I have to trade off a few handfuls of and do some load searching to see what I might use. I dabble in 12 Ga only but feel free to list other gauge components as well. Most of my components are BPI.

I have:

WAA12 Wads
WAA12R-12 (AA Red Wads)
BPI Felt Cushion Wads 12 GA 1/4"
BPI Felt Filler Wads 20 GA 1/4"
BPI 12 GA Gas Seal (#3221200)
BPI 12 GA Fiber wads
BPI 12 GA 1/8" Nitro Cards (NC12)

This includes everything to load 12 GA Foster slugs, or shotloads up to 1 1/8 oz. I crimp mine on my drill press, so you would have to work out how you would crimp yours. List your components and load and lets do some trading.
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