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There are no warnings in a .44 magnum manual about NOT using +P ammo.

"Why subject yourself to excessive recoil of +P and .357 Mag when you can get a .44 Special that is comfortable to shoot and more efffective?"

"The .44 magnum is basically a hunting caliber, although it will also chamber the .44 Special."

"As to +P and magnum loads...I wouldn't use a caliber if that's what's required to make them effective."

The whole point is with any caliber you need velocity to create expansion and to get penetration. At some point you run into overkill on the velocity, but no 38 Special +P or 44 Special +P is going to be overkill. They're also nowhere close to even light magnum loads in the same caliber. Modern firearms are perfectly capable of handling +P loads unless you shoot thousands and thousands of rounds in them.

The funny thing is even a +P 38 Special is still not a high pressure cartridge. It is only considered over pressure compared to a standard pressure 38 Special.

I still have a lot to learn about guns and ammo and some people have way more to learn than I do.

To the original point of this thread, the 38 Special can actually make a pretty good woods round. I don't get why most 38 Special defense loads with 125 grain bullets come up short of the 9mm in velocity, yet Buffalo Bore has a 158 grain hard cast load that gets anywhere from 1100-1250 fps in 3"-6" barrels.

So why don't we get 125 grain 38 Special +P's in the 1200 fps range??? I realize Buffalo Bore loads their stuff to the max, but even with 20% less weight and the same velocity you get 125 grains at 1100+ fps that we don't see in self defense ammo.
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