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You noticed that too.
Moving up in capacity obviously improves your odds, but you can't get carried away in that direction because it's not terribly likely that you'll be able to take advantage of a huge round count in the few seconds a gunfight typically lasts.
This is where the rubber meets the road for me. In assuming worst-case scenarios, if there are two or more assailants, they are not going to stand around waiting their turn. If I am lucky enough to get off the first shot before the BG(s), there is no reason to believe I will get off an unchallenged second...let alone the first 13-15.
For that reason, more than any other, I am more focused on carrying what I shoot best, and making those first shots count.
Improving the hit rate probability (sharpening shooting skills) clearly helps, but only if you have the capacity available to take advantage of it. For example, even a very impressive 70% hit rate only gives you a 53% chance of scoring 2 or more hits on each of 2 opponents if you're armed with a 5 shot handgun. On the other hand, if you can achieve just a 50% hit rate with a 9 shot handgun, your odds of success are 75%.
And there you go. Frequent practice with something I shoot well is far more productive and confidence-inspiring than a large capacity and a lousy trigger and a marginal caliber.

YMMV, and probably will.
With luck, this will be an intellectual exercise for most of us, for the rest of our lifetimes.
If my luck runs out, I have made my bed, and will lie in it.

Best regards, Rich
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