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now for the downer, I decided to knock the front sight post off and... it's not parkerized underneath, which means that this barrel was destined for an A3. would having the thing reparked kill the value or is this an acceptable practice for a restoration project?
When my Dad got "our" 03-A4 back in the day from the old DCM, it wore both a rear A3 sight and has the front blade as well. He pulled both off. Oops, no park'g under the front sight, put that sight back on, found a one piece redfield and an old Weaver 330 and voila, good enough for him/me.

Not unusual for them to be rebarreled post war. Don't sweat the small stuff. If it has the split receiver markings it is the real deal tho maybe not 100% fresh from the battlefield as issued. These things happen. M2Carbine sportorized his back in the day as I recall, because, well, these things were cheap and who cared back then?

Tho the Weaver 2.5X scope is kind of limiting, they used what they had and called it good enough. Put a quality 4X optics on it and you'll own anything out to 500 yds I betcha. And more than likely, someone knowledgable will offer you an obscene amount of money for it at the range someday. You can smile and say, "Nah, it's not all original. Don't wanna sell it today"
he tried telling me that the scope was killing the value on it and appraised it at $300 and told me that I needed to switch back to the iron sights if I wanted to sell it.
Hopefully you shared a good laugh with him on that, eh? (grumble)
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