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I got the springfield back from the gunsmith today, it looks great, they really did a great job and they charged me about 1/4 of what I though I was going to get charged so that made the deal even sweeter. I did take it in for a preliminary appraisal at my LGS and I must say that I might not want to go there with my milsurps I am admitedly a novice but he tried telling me that the scope was killing the value on it and appraised it at $300 and told me that I needed to switch back to the iron sights if I wanted to sell it.

funnily enough the only thing he said "for a fact" that was original was the stock, even though it's the wrong stock style and the inlet for the bolt is wrong. I think I'll take it somewhere else once I get the correct stock on.

now for the downer, I decided to knock the front sight post off and... it's not parkerized underneath, which means that this barrel was destined for an A3. would having the thing reparked kill the value or is this an acceptable practice for a restoration project?
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