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I really like the 77 for a hunting or general purpose rifle. It seems that the accuracy potential of the Rem. 700 makes it a better choice for extreme accuracy requirements, but I like the Ruger better for everything else.

I like the new Mark II safety and the trimmer action of the Mark II over the original Model 77. The magazine capacity was reduced by one round on the Mark II so the action could be shallower. It makes for a more petite rifle. The non-adjustable trigger on the Mark II is a disappointment though. It's not rough, just too heavy. Someday I'll get a Timney.

I had a great afternoon this weekend, shooting my 77MkII in .308 with some co-conspirators. We set up clay pigeons along a bank on the other side of a lake, previously paced off at 160 yards. I was firing from prone and sitting, with a variable cranked up to 5x and factory ammo. I had little problem whacking the 3" targets at that range, and I'm no sniper.

I really like the International model, with he Mannlicher style stock, and have always wanted one in .250 Savage.
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