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Originally Posted by Deputy276
. . . . Considering the number of .38 Special and .357 Magnum guns made and still being made, it's no surprise that the round still exists. That DOESN'T make it the best round for personal defense.
I don't recall anyone claiming that the .38 Special was "the best round for personal defense." I believe the opening question was:
What can and what can't a .38 special do?
Clearly, Deputy276, you do not think that .38Spl falls within the description of "rounds sufficient for self-defense." Fair enough. I disagree. I will not claim that it is "the best" SD round. IMO, it is sufficient. It is capable of doing enough damage to stop an attacker, and controllable enough that I believe that I could reasonably expect to put any shots subsequent to the first one on target, if necessary.
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